The use of technology in education is not new. The pandemic has only made it more pervasive and acceptable. In the wake of the lockdown last year in 2020, educational institutions across the world had to shift classes online and incorporate digital learning and assessment techniques into the curriculum. ONLINE CLASS Online classes are a […]


EDUCATION IS MOVEMENT FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT  that’s the purpose of education WHAT IS A FLIPPED CLASSROOM:  Flipped classroom model provides the content to students whenever they can/want to access them allowing them to remain stress-free as they can learn. The flipped classroom allows students to view the videos at home and then work with […]

Blended learning in The Digital Era

Blended learning (BL) in schools, or the integration of face-to-face and online instruction, is widely adopted across higher education with some referring to it as the “new traditional model”. Asynchronous and synchronous learning mixed together? Brick and mortar school structure and eLearning at once? That’s the blended learning approach. Not so new concept of blending […]

Enabling tools and technologies for better learning outcomes

Academic and operational performance

The education industry has undergone a great transformation in the last decade. A lot of research has been done to make learning more interactive and customizable to each student as the concept of ‘One size fits all’ has faded and evolved into ‘Real luxury is customization. Earlier, online courses were taken as a supplement to […]

How to engage students in online learning

How to engage students in online learning Imagine yourself staring at a blank screen with nothing but a not-so-pleasant, monotonous music running in the background. Every now and then someone is scribbling something on the screen. But this blatant attempt at visual stimulation feels like a never ending documentary at best. Given a chance you’d […]

Benefits of Online Classes

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The education space has transformed in the last few years. Research says that to make learning more interactive and customizable to each student the concept of ‘One size fits all’ has faded and evolved into ‘Real luxury is customization. Earlier, online classes were taken as a supplement to classroom teaching, but the onset of the […]

Online Classes grade 8

A Guide for Online Classes grade 8, 9 & 10 Learning Come learn with ClARAEON LEARNING Experience the best engaging learning experiences like never before. Immersive, engaging & interactive learning journeys, designed and facilitated by experts Online Classes grade 8 and 9 Physics and Chemistry This free course will equip you with the skills you […]

Classroom Apps

Connecting Everything and Everyone With Claraeons Apps get your students to learn with the best educational apps classroom apps for students Switch to a classroom which ensures video based learning platform which uses interactive,immersive and engaging education materials to serve students and educators. CLARAEON AUTOMATION APP Interactive Virtual Classroom SCHOOL MANAGEMENTUser-friendly ERP system ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENTFaster Invoice […]

E-Books Vs Traditional Print Books in The Digital Era

78% of students find ebooks to be more effective than traditional paper books. Lynn University in Florida found in a 2018 survey, 78% of students found Multi-Touch Ebooks (Apple ebooks suitable for education) to be more effective than traditional paper books. The report also noted an increase in these results by 13% from the 2013 […]

Scaffolding and its relevance in the education sector

In spite of having many different definitions, there is one definition of learning that most academics agree upon. And that is that ‘Learning is a relatively permanent change in a person’s behavior as a result of experience.’ ‘Experience’ is the keyword here. What causes this ‘experience’ to occur and what might be the efficient way […]