The goal of smart education is to foster smart learners to meet the needs of the work and life in the 4.0 era.

Holistic Learning Platform including core subjects, experiential learning, sports & fitness

We at Claraeon, develop students to be critical, confident and independent; and aim to make learning a process of self‐improvement that explicitly recognizes the self and the social context of learning and teaching, and recognizing the needs of the individual learner in the interaction.

Blended Learning Model catering to Multi-Learning Styles

Our Blended learning models leverage a combination of in-person instruction techniques, teacher-led online modules, and self-paced learning. Students may participate in a combination of independent study, small group learning, and whole-class instruction, whether online or in person.

Smart Interactive Flipbook

Platform Capabilities


Interactive dynamic flipbooks
Conceptual video lessons
3D interactive content
Personalized learning paths
Chapter quizzes and assignments
Structured assessments & analytics


Claraeon Academy App
Claraeon Automation App
Interactive virtual classroom
Digital whiteboard
Data and dashboards at fingertips
Smart TV for Classrooms
Preloaded Tablets for teachers


Ready-made lesson plans
Digital reading companions
Resources at fingertips
Continuous Teacher support
Performance analysis


Student and teacher performance dashboards
Dynamic learning paths and personalized learning for differentiated learning
Teacher workshops, seminars & webinars
Coach-ins and Observations
Dedicated chat based support


Holistic Learning model
Fitness Modules
Integrated Sports plan and scope
Experiential learning integrated to core subjects